Wednesday, December 10, 2008


After hours of plane ride from SG-KL-SDK... finally back to SDK on Monday... happy to see daddy and mummy and family... but still.. i miz SG... in this small town that i live in.. ppl like to gossip n gossip.. question.. i feel depressed..

I think I'll hibernate and rot at home for the next 28 days.. =( minus the 8-days Taiwan trip - will be leaving the day after tomorrow...

* Joanne, Michelle, Jane and I @ PARAGON

Am i the most unpredictable and hard to understand person on earth? or I have problem expressing myself? I'm not perfect.. can't satisfy everyone but i really am trying very hard to change... trying hard to be a better person.. although it seems meaningless to those I've disappoint.. but i can't turn back time anymore.. just move on...

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