Monday, January 12, 2009

^.^ 快乐

miz sdk so much.. came back to SG last thursday after 1 day of delay in KK.. had an amazing weekend.. watched 2 movies since i gt back.. haha.. although had a bad headache on sat nite.. but it's ok! (:

tutorial haven't start yet.. need not go to sch today... same for tomorrow (: hahaha.. stayed at home today.. sleep, video, music... just finished watchin campus superstar.. and nth to do now.. waiting for someone to chat with me.. hehee..

friends said that i've changed, in many ways - which i never realized before this.. but i couldn't agree more now..

i swear that i will eat less fried food after i come back SG.. but heck.. i had KFC last nite -.-

at 六福村

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