Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hakka Songs!

still can't fall asleep so decided to post this.. Calvin goh goh send me these video links few days ago.. but i didn't bother to listen til i heard everyone(obviously ppl who can understand hakka) talking bout it.. everyone's comments was like - hao lin hao tang o (:x) or i'm proud to be SABAHAN!!... LMAO.. i can't stop laughing cos the lyrics is too funny.. after listening to these songs, i feel i'm so back at home!

*NOTE: if u don't understand Hakka then it may not be funny to you~ HAHAHA.. but really very funny lo lin c

哈亚庇,溜货私 ha ah bi liu fo si

Translations : 哈亚庇 = Go Kota Kinabalu; 溜 = Flirt; 货私 = Girls

海边看飞机 hoi bian kon fui ki

Translations : 海边 = Beach; 看 = See; 飞机= Aeroplane

The 2nd song makes me miz Tanjung Aru's ( A beach in Kota Kinabalu) "ya zai"(coconut) and "muk ga son" (pickled papaya)... promoting KK (亚庇).. haha

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