Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Happy (:

been pretty busy for the past few days ( gatherings, drawing, homework, eating )..

Monday, 9 feb

- reach home around 6.30am
- sleep for a while den went for tutorial at 9am til 12pm
- went home.. sleep!
- woke up by my cousin who called.. they reached SG!
- went for dinner - steamboat at my cousin's house ( last day of CNY cum my aunt's bday)
- headed home.. started with my drawing..
- zZz

Tuesday, 10 feb

- my NO SCHOOL day (:
- woke up early.. went for b'fast.. soup at my cousin's house..
- after tht, meet up with LOVE and headed to Jurong Point for movie & lunch..
- but end up............ long long story :( it doesn't matter cos in the end we're still a lovey dovey couple.. perhaps it's because the way we communicate very different from others.. and our character totally clashes! (: but surprisingly, we still do things we normally won't do for others!
- went home and draw draw draw again! -.-

Wednesday, 11 feb

- skip maths lecture.. had our drawing presented in front of class, skip philo lecture..
- went to LOVE's place.. but by the time i reach his place.. raining.. as usual, he came with the umbrella.. :p
- after tht, we went to PS to meet up with my cousins..
- walk around.. den 4 of us had dinner at Pizza Hut while the others went on their own.. LOVE's treat :p Haha..
- then, headed home.. to my cousin's hse.. til around midnite

Thursday, 12 feb

- went to lecture, n philosophy tutorial...
- meet up with cousin at clementi den headed to causeway point to meet LOVE
- followed our plan, went to seoul garden and eat eat eat... WE (especially 2 of them) really ate a lot! -.-"
- walked around.. n went home.. (:

* next up .. v'day!!

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