Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Room' Alone

I'm trapped at home alone cos LOVE is having night shift tonight (i miz him) and cousin hasn't return from KL yet (i miz her).. Surprisingly, this is my first NITE sleeping alone in this room since I've moved here! was at LOVE's place on wed nite.. went all the way there after project since he injured his leg (again).. :p and also last nite cos was too late to go home after kbox with his friends.. Well, that's not the main issue.. i am supposed to stay at home to work on my philo paper or maths or 2105 - which i barely did.. since 5pm i don't know what i've been doing..so i've wasted like 8 hrs? T.T But at least one of my assignment is done? :p

* vday gift from ❤
.. was half asleep when i took this pic - which explains why it is so blur *

` 亲爱的政伦,我真的很想你~~~

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