Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting started !

went dinner at pizzahut with cuz and LOVE last nite.. but the most funny part is my cuz warned us not to quarrel beforehand.. LOL.. cos the last time 3 of us had dinner together, LOVE and i argued all the way.. and that was not the only time. According to my cuz, we argued all the time.. perhaps ppl around us will find it weird but we really couldn't help it cos that's our way of communication.. and the main problem is because CALVIN CHIA CHIN LUN can't seem to stop arguing with me.. HAHA...

class ended early today and was feeling unwell this morning.. having a "severe" sore throat and was feeling very very very tired... but the moment i board the bus i felt completely fine.. i wonder why? haha.. so i told myself, since class ended pretty early today i would have plenty of time to get my things done.. but well.. i ended up playing ps,ft,rc..etc etc.. i realize that i really can't stay home alone and do my work.. i would rather sleep than do my stuff.. not in the mood at all! Miraculously, while i was at LOVE's place, i was able to sketch the whole playground scene for my storybook project on saturday morning before going to reb's place... and yesterday, i even completed my philo paper while he went tanning and swimming... -.-"

I really want to get things done.. really!

* pic that we took at e Awards few weeks ago *

Just being random.. but 林峰 is really handsome :p

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