Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I need sleep...

*yawn... feel like sleeping thru the day... til tmr morning :p tired.. went to bed around 4am this morning.. n i had maths lecture at 8am this morning- reached sch around 8.20 n by the time i took shuttle bus to science for my lecture it's like 8.30? Last min work on my postcard design.. started doing around 11pm last nite.. I'm really crazy but who cares? i did what needs to be done...

formed my grp today during class for the storybook project

Recap of what i did last weekend..

- meet up with jane for eye brow trimming & dinner at clementi..
- went to NUS (UCC) for the guitar ensemble thing where teh and lui performed..
- was supposed to go for supper after that.. but we went home instead :p

- LOVE had morning shift :(
- meet up with jane again - along with cuz.. had lunch at clementi again..
- headed to IKEA & anchorpoint...
- then to warehouse sales.. cuz & i manage to buy a bag and a pair of shoes (:
- lazy to walk - took bus to tiongbahru..
- KFC-ed and shop at tb plaza.. bought a simple dress n other stuff
- it's been such a long time since the 3 of us went out together..
- headed to novena with jane around 8pm.. bought the body shop stuff that i wanted.. $$$
- she went HOME after a while.. i waited for LOVE til 8.30++

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