Monday, April 13, 2009

Almost there....

before i start working on my portfolio design.... i shall blog bout my recent activities..

for the past few weeks.. dedicated my time to the storybook which we managed to get it done last week after much effort and hardwork (: and now being sent for printing.. did our presentation and everything last thurs.. really enjoyed working with my group members despite of problems we faced along the way.. now one final submission to go - portfolio and I'm done with projects this sem...

anyway, need to welcome another new member in our sdk-sg group (: hahas.. yapfl and his mom reached sg last week.. love and i accompanied them for enrolment and medic checkup.. the following few days my cuz oso acc them to do other stuff.. finally he found a place to stay in clementi.. yesterday, went to the airport to send his mom off.. after tht we headed to love's place in the evening... had a great time
.. but i need to get back to my work now.. :(

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