Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's time to study !

Damn. Maths is just not my cup of tea.. *sigh
Why do we even need to take so many maths module for CM?
i can hardly pass this one T.T

LOVE and i went for our post-happy20 celebration yesterday (:
went to AMK hub for Fast n Furious 4 (like finally) where LOVE can't stop drooling over his beloved cars. Before the movie, we went to the arcade.. only spent 5bucks and 2 attempts - LOVE got me 2 choppers... Haha..ain't my love amazing? :p

after the movie.. went shop around before Pepper Lunch for dinner (:

oh yah, not forgetting this...

can't resist the temptation.. so we decided to buy it... new addition to our jay chou collection.. yipee!!^^
next possible addition will be the phantaci cap *rolleyes*

went back to yishun after our fulfilling meal (: hang around at northpoint while waiting for LOVE's dad to fetch us "HOME".. LOVE went around introducing me to the 'northpoint ppl' he knew.. lolx.. *shy*

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