Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fun at love's place (:

Steamboat cum stayover at LOVE's house on Labour Day...


So, i stayed at HOME and waited for my cuz,esther,megan,lim and chu to come while browsing through my cs2105 lecture notes... love went duty early in the morning so he can only join us at nite.. was hungry that time.. waited for them to finished lunch and shop for the steamboat stuff at northpoint..

had my lunch and helped our mummy(my cuz) to prepare stuff for the steamboat...played wii... then, all of us went to the gym n fooled around.. joanne was the only one really exercising... Around 7pm, we had our first round of steamboat cos we're hungry... After our dinner, headed to the gameroom cos love booked the 8-10 timeslot for us.. (: Finally, love's back from work around 9+and joined in the fun.. (
really miz him a lot! *HAPPY* )

We started our second round of steamboat/supper at 10.30pm after playing and after love had his bath and some nose bleeding -.-" ... After supper.. wii again.. then, headed up to love's room for monopoly while love and chu immersed themselves in dota!! all of us were exhausted by 4am and went to sleep... don't know who suggested to wake up early to swim...


but end up.. all of us woke up at 11am.. and there goes our day 2... we prepared brunch and also some of the steamboat leftover.. while love and chu continued with their dota...after some wii, finally, the long awaited swimming session before our 2D1N ends...

looking at my most huggable love *drools*

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