Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've been busy for the past week! Parents came to sg along with some relatives and friends.. busy busy going out, shopping, gathering etc.. shall blog bout it some other time.. enjoyed every single moment, especially with LOVE around (:

Got back yesterday afternoon.. took the 8.50pm flight from SG to KK the day before.. the flight was delayed for 45mins due to the flu thingy.. we went thru the form filling, temp screening and disinfection process ( they were probably extra cautious cos my flight was full of angmohs ). By the time we reached kk, it was past midnight.. we stayed at some hotel at tanjung aru before flying back to sdk... this trip back home took me 2 days !

Met up with my sec school sisters last nite for drink at bistro.. very rare that so many of us can gather in sdk! 3 gals missing - jane, shaleen and peiyeik. AND it's been 5 years since we graduated from sec school..getting old! T.T Anyway, we'd a great time catching up.. don't know when will be our next gathering?

It's happy 20 again! love u my dearest *

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