Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tomorrow is the day!

parents coming tmr.. no! should be later~ which means 6 more days i'm going back hometown... gonna miss my love so much T.T spent these few days shopping and gathering...

Yesterday, meet up with the grp... joanne mummy, esther, megan, chu, lim, love and i at bugis.. shopping~ Love bought me a simple dress and shorts.. (: after that we went back to clementi for dinner.. suppose to go kbox after dinner but we ran out of energy. lol..

Just now went dinner with ck, cp ( ph) and love at crystal jade P.S... before that, love and i went shopping.. bought a handbag for my mom at robinsons (: looked for our couple wallet but failed to find the one we like~ haha.. after dinner, the 4 of us headed for beancurd and meet up with jane n nicolas.. we cabbed home while jane n her boy walked home! it's really been so long since we've catch up.. haha.. this is the 1st time love joined the gathering for this grp. one more thing, cp's remarks bout my love really made me can't stop laughing :x
both of them complimented each other CUTE.. and she asked whether the reason i be with love is becos he looks like Mr.JC? -.-" i almost fainted at CJ!

my gay laogong *shivers*

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Adeline said...

Hi jess...so sweet ler u and ur bf..:p Looking forward to meet u up later..^^