Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life of a pig....

Woke up early (before 10am) for the first time since i've got back to sdk.. went to church this morning..then.. brunch... As usual, u can't do anything in sdk except eating.. eat eat eat.. sleep sleep sleep.. ppl commented that i look slimmer (happy)... but am slowly gaining weight now :(

Anyway, we got our couple wallet at takashimaya the day my parents came to sg.. like finally! (:

* sis is making me crave for Chocolate Amer now! *


Adeline said...

hehe~~ really nice to have a couple wallet..i do have too..cheap cheap dei buy de~ :P
So nice to see u 2 sweet sweet always~ ^^ miss ya~

Jessie 哲思 said...

thx... miss ya too dear ^^ hope to see u soon

llq said...

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