Thursday, June 04, 2009

30 days to go

I spent my days at home watching drama, FB, eat, sleep and most important of all chatting with my LOVE... Basically, I stayed at home everyday yet i don't feel bored at all... haha..

Went out with mien yi, connie and her friends from KL for lunch last Friday... After lunch, mien fetch me home.. before that we went to her school ( she's a teacher in some primary in sdk) cos she needed take the letter for some impt stuff..

Then we went to the stall located outside Happy Mart to try out this portugese eggtart which a lot of ppl claimed nice.. To us, the amazing thing bout the stall was actually the cleanliness rather than the stuff they sell.. HAHA... especially when the lady said something.. we're quite shocked by her words.. she's really hygienic *thumbs up*
And indeed, it was very nice.. we bought all possible varieties at that stall (total 4 only).. ate up all the things and realized i didn't take a pic of it -.-"

Saturday, went for breakfast early in the morning.. had konlo mee.. most of the time, that's the thing i will order whenever i'm in sdk.. cos they don't have it in sg.. those type i enjoyed/prefered eating i mean...

Had steamboat on Sunday night.. yumm! homemade stuff~~~

* miss u ♥ .. 30 days to go ! =)

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