Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time flies

It's Wednesday already. I can't believe i will be going back to sg next Saturday.. It seems like yesterday when i came back.. I'm gonna miz home badly ): I love it when i need not think and decide what to eat. Everything is well prepared by my beloved family. Well, the only thing I'm happy about is i can see ♥ in 10 days' time.. *happy*.. can't wait to do everything on our long to-do list (:

SuJu will be attending GMA, with the exception of Kibummie, for the second time. This year's GMAShow doesn't have much to anticipate.. but the good thing is SuJu will be one of the highlight.. fighting SuJu! Double-S-501 will also be arriving on the same day at the same time for fans session. Lucky for ELFs and Triple S who could meet them in Taiwan! (:

Anyway, I've spent yesterday watching all the 7 episodes of Haptic Mission, which was perfectly entertaining and nice with 4 flower boys and one sexy lady - highly recommended even for non kpop-lovers (: I must say, I like the combination... son dambi is really pretty, lee minho is handsome, kimbum's perfect smile.. I like Jun's personality and as usual, Leader HJ and his 4D charisma is a killer!

* waiting for
♥ to reply and off to sleep! I missed ♥ so much...

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