Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Only You ♥

I think overeact just now... something which i will never do and say if it wasn't for you. This is the first time I'm behaving this way. You're the first and will be the only one that makes me behave this way. Even I'm confusing myself... I tried to be cool about it. But why? why it has to be you of all the people out there? It's not even someone close.. but the way you talk seems so natural that it's... scary.. I'm really angry... To be honest, I really am... and I am still now.. or probably it wasn't anger. can't get it off my mind *sobs* Forgive me for overeacting...


Adeline said...

What happen??
Sometimes things just happened..
But forget the unhappy things right after u wake up the next morning ok? :)
all the best dear~

Jessie 哲思 said...

Yeah, I'm okay now.. Thanks dear *hugsss