Monday, July 20, 2009

Rewind 08 ♥

This post was actually created on the 22nd of July but i changed the date to 20th July cos it was our special day (: The actual day i mean...

Just read dearie's blog where she mentioned few days ago was the FIRST time the boyf shouted at her in front of everyone at the mall after 5 yr's relationship.. i'm actually amazed by the fact!

To ♥ and I, this probably meant nothing to us.. cos we've argued N times in every possible places you can imagine.. I can feel pairs of eyes watching at us, but we couldn't care less.
If you're a first timer to witness us arguing you'd probably be left with astonishment and stunned - NO i'm not exaggerating!

Yeah, but I guessed we've stepped out from this on our special day (: At least we're trying to. And after some talking and understanding, we decided to solve this issue... due to our attitude/temper problem that totally clashes, we might need some time to get things fixed.

well well.. let me get back to the story..

LOVE and I decided to keep things simple, so we did a rewind of the things we did last time - our first date at vivo long before we've been together..

LOVE came to my place where we took the bus to harbourfront.. we kinda ran behind our schedule cos someone insisted to take 97 when we can also take 963 and some other buses~ We reached vivo around 6plus and headed to GV to collect the tix he booked online earlier.. I was kinda surprised why he chose 'The Haunting in Connecticut'? cos i think we've never seen a single horror movie together before.. haha.. Then i found out tht was the exact place where we went last time :p but i really can't remember.. how sweet (:

After wandering around we decided to dine at Fig & Olive.. they served SMALL portions.

Later on, we went for dessert at Häagen-Dazs
(just like what we did last time)...

Still not satisfied, we headed for Superdog before the movie and finally bought another tub of Ben & Jerry's for the movie.. we can really eat.. double dinner and double dessert! :D

It was a happy and memorable day spent together - but we did end up arguing also for some reason :p
but it doesn't matter.. we know what we are doing

[ this pic was actually taken in the midst of our argument.. pretty good eh? :p ]

... many more years to come

* * * * * * * * * *

Even up til this very day, i have trouble answering a question which somehow the answer always seem to amaze ppl..

某某人 : Ur bf from sg?
Jess : Yeah...
某某人 : Ohh, from ur school?
Jess : Huh? err... no
某某人 : Then, how u know him?
Jess : Err... fanclub outing
某某人 : Wahhhhh.. what fanclub?
Jess : Jay chou
某某人 :o.O you really love jay chou

Get what i mean now?

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Joanne said...

i witness u 2 arguing for many times.. dont wish to see it again.. damn scary
most of the time go out with u 2 sure will quarrel.. please do not argue AGAIN..