Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2nd week of sch

blog is half-dead.. not that i don't wanna update. but sometimes i keep having problems with the html, so i just practically gave up... how can i leave my blog with awfully looking layout and texts right! but still, i can't upload pics now o.O

met with love and his friend at northpoint last nite, they had longjohn.. i ate too even though i had my vege soup before meeting love.. hehee.. shall not go into details what happened, but i think i did well.. right ♥ ? haha...

this afternoon we went for lunch and bought our flip flops at northpoint before i went for lecture at 2pm

and I finally formed a group for cs3240 HCI after a series of grp-member-hunting :D hope we can work well *pray hard*

* it's 20th again tmr!
can't wait for dinner with bb (:

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