Saturday, August 08, 2009

Good Night.....

went for sakae sushi buffet yesterday with love and cuz at city vibe... we ate A LOT... and i really mean it when i say A LOT !! Haha.. kinda scary actually... but yeah i'm satisfied (:

Cuz and I met up with Esther at Clementi station and headed to Bugis to meet with Lim and TingFeng at bugis.. had our lunch and went shopping! it's been a while since all of us meet up.. haha.. cuzzie spent the most.. i just bought 1 pair shorts but i felt like i spent a lot.. i wonder why? hmm.. don't feel like spending money.. i want a new phone and camera :( but shall wait til i have enough $$ for it...

After bugis, was suppose to go home after we parted but bb and i went to ION to shop more.. but end up not buying anything also cos we cannot find what we intend to buy :p hehee..

Just had my bath and bb is asleep after i came out from bath :p he must be very very tired cos he hasn't sleep after having night shift the night before.. still have to wake up early tmr morning for NDP.. but he still manage to drag himself to bugis to meet up with us.. how sweet.. as always ^^ I love you baby.. You're the best ♥♥♥

Anyway, i'm tired too.. *nitezzzz

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