Sunday, August 30, 2009

Swensen's Ice Cream & Dessert Buffet

went for the 1-1 buffet at Swensen's @ ION. Nothing special to celebrate.. we just felt like eating (: We were too hungry so we had our lunch around 3+pm at Food Republic @ Wisma Atria before proceeding to the buffet... We finally settled down for the buffet at 4plus... And the pics below does not show everything we ate.. there were more!

There is a range of 50 over diff flavors available and i think we ate almost 30 over flavors cos the rest were nuts or stuff that i don't like...

We eat...

... eat

... eat

and eat...

We couldn't resist the temptation so we ordered...

... RIBEYE! haha i couldn't express how happy i was to have some meat after all those sweet stuff :p

continue with desserts after the steak.. but we still weren't satisfied... so...

Next was LAMBCHOP! :D

baby so eager to eat :p hahaha

and we're finally done for the day.. the time was 8plus.. our initially DESSERT ONLY turned out to be DESSERT+DINNER :D

As usual, I'd always enjoy every moment spent with love... Moreover, we haven't met since Monday! A full 5 days.. how horrible... except the times where i went back to hometown during hols this is the longest period we've been apart :p

Next up shall be BBQ with the J Peeps at baby's place this coming Sunday. Looking forward... It's FOOD again! :D

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