Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Days with the Prince :)

I've officially moved to the new place and now am at the new place (: However, today is the first day of spending so many hrs at home.. spent the past few days with baby after all the midterms..

Had mid autumn fest dinner, BBQ at his place... This would probably be the last time before baby move to the new place (: Recalling back, I'd quite a number of BBQs at his place.. but this was the first time at the rooftop..

The following afternoon, we moved the KING-SIZED bed from his room to my room...thanks to baby and his dad for all the trouble... so now I'm sleeping on love's bed while he's sleeping on his tatami :x hahaha..We had our lunch at LJS before heading back to yishun.. rested a while and showered.. and off we go to orchard to meet up with the j-hoodies at pepper lunch (: Another laughter-filled nite plus the bday surprises for phy, flo and baby where dhl and I had a hard time keeping it frm them~

I'm glad that i can be the first one wishing love happy bday along with hugs and kisses (:

Celebrated with baby on the actual day. went to orchard central for dinner - i can't believe it's actually our first time there :p shopped for baby's bday pressie after that.. was glad that I'm able to get what baby wanted after lurking around Top Man for the whole nite (:

I seriously hated myself in the pics.. i looked damn 'cui' for some reason -.-"

* I LOVE YOU baby! ♥

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