Thursday, November 05, 2009

Self-declared rest day

Took my GEK - Dynamics of Interpersonal Effectiveness term paper today! 50 MCQs... quite theoritical i would say or is it common sense? Anyway, I love this module! at least it's nt one of those boring ones =) And after my paper, baby was at home preparing for our brunch while waiting for me *sweet*

Blissful when baby is around although he can be a pain in the ass sometimes... is that too harsh? :p I hate the way he makes me say sorry willingly even though HE IS THE ONE who is at fault! Why is he such a 大男人? And I wonder why I can be so submissive to him? Despite all these i still love the way he is even though i can't seem to stop complaining :)

i miss y o u ! will miss the warmth of your hugs tonight!

*good night*

* i can hardly smile in this one =/ *

.. and YES we ♥ wearing checkered shirts :p ..