Saturday, January 30, 2010

290110 FT Island Singapore Fan Sign

Early January we saw the news regarding FT Island's Fan Signing in Singapore. Sadly, all the tix for the fan signing have been sold out so my cuz and I decided just to drop by IMM on the actual day to catch a glimpse of the boys from faraway.. was not really a big fan.. but I literally fell in love with Hongki after watching You're Beautiful and previously on Good Daddy with Heechul :)

We always have luck in these events. Surprisingly, the security removed the barricade after all those with tix have entered.. so, we manage to go in front.. at the left most corner - where the boys walked all the way to the stage :D we were damn lucky! And yeah.. it was a happy day..

Couldn't upload my vid due to connection problem. This is taken by my cuz who stand next to me.. my vid was shaky compared to this one as i wasn't looking at the screen n all u can hear is ME screaming like mad so this is better! :D

Love the blonde guy! :D and I dreamt of them last nite.. LOL


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool vibe we have going here, keep it going =]

Anonymous said...

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