Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy New Year

have not been updating my blog lately. partly because i'm lazy :) well, like what I've mentioned in my tweets.. during the c'mas period was probably the worst few days of my life.. caught up with a lot of issues which couldn't be explained plainly in words alone.. even though i don't know where all these will lead me to and i don't how everything will turn out to be either.. but I'm sure eventually everything will be alright with the support from everyone.. at least i know I'm loved :) Thanks to baby and my beloved parents

Anyways.. I had fun in hk :)

and.. I've been spending all my time with baby since the last 2 days of 2009 til today... am i the most blissful person on earth or what? despite all the issues and the times whr i had mood swings n throw tantrums.. thanks baby.. I can see that u finally understand what i wanted :) I love you

30 dec 09 at mussel guys @ vivo

Last day of 2009/1st day of 2010 @ 313 and ION

spent most of the time sleeping from 1st til 2nd jan.. baby had fever..i think i spread the flu bug to him? =/watched Cirque du Freak : The Vampire's Assistant at cathay@causeway point instead of the movie we planned initially :p the system was down and they have to do ticketing manually -.-

the following day went out together jane and adrian as adrian was in town.. had a wonderful time eating, talking and catching up.. also hv to thank nic for the ride :) and just in time to meet up with cuzzie and lim at the airport for dinner

went shopping with baby the following day and also dinner with his friends at nite :) managed to buy shoes~

Yesterday, went to NSC with baby... and after that we caught The Treasure Hunter @ J8.. like finally? Happy as it's our first Jay movie together.. meaningful :) The movie was okay.. all I can say is those who commented tht the movie not nice is becos they expect too much.. What are the people expecting from a chinese movie? :) Then we headed back to Northpoint and shopped a little more.. bought snacks, undies etc etc :p

oh, and not forgetting the popiah made by baby with ♥ yumm! :D

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