Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Electronica Music by Rendezvous

Received the following article from an anonymous friend on an upcoming indie jazz-electropop band, Rendezvous, which is about to release their debut album this year - and I think I should share good music :)

I was never into jazz or electropop. And the only indie band I know is probably C.N. Blue which is an indie rock band - not even jazz-electropop. I had no idea at all about this genre. Yeah, i-know-i-am-ignorant-and-the-only-thing-i-know-is-kpop!

However, for some reason this caught my attention and before I realize it, I've been watching vid after vid for an hour. I like the "Rain Sequence" in an upcoming track called End Of The World ( i hope i got the name correct? ). Looking forward to that :) Check them out now!

Electronica Music by Rendezvous

I bet if I asked you what your favorite electropop music was, you wouldn’t have a clue what you would answer. This really doesn’t come as a surprise, given how electronica is a relatively young genre in the world of music. Electronica, despite the many doors it opens, still needs to make a lasting mark to be given its due.

With the dawn of music technology, such as advanced editing, mixing, synth drums, synth keyboards, and the use of high-tech music equipment, a new genre of music was born: electronica. The possibilities of electronica are endless; there are way too many sounds you can make with the help of technology. However, because it is fairly new, musicians who try to play electronica may sound too avant-garde for most listeners.

Of course, the band Rendezvous doesn’t fall into that pit. They know exactly how to mold electronica to make it friendlier even to the ears of those who are used to listening to jazz from the sixties.

In fact, the three tracks they released more than five years ago were a cross between jazz and electronica. Borrowing inspiration from jazz icons like Pink Floyd, the band has successfully produced legit jazz songs while staying within the realm of electropop. Aside from being a milestone, their accomplishment has led to the creation of three amazing tracks that has earned the band more than 400,000 views on YouTube alone.

Five years after their three jazz electropop songs (Incognito, No Man’s Land, and So What) became popular, Rendezvous is now ready to launch their very first album. They are now ready to go even further, featuring string orchestras and many other influences in their eight-track debut album.

Using vintage equipment to produce electronica tracks has made the album even more controversial. But to Rendezvous, they were simply being true to their craft and following their instincts. Their album is now much anticipated by tens of thousands of fans. Not bad for a band who is about to release its very first album.

Catch Rendezvous on their official site,www.rendezvousmusic.co.uk. Or watch videos of Rendezvous recording in the studio through their official YouTube channel.

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